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We send under 90 words news which you can read even when in a jiffy.

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DailyGAG™ is a WhatsApp only magazine so no other app download.

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DailyGAG is powered by intelligent AI based on Google's Dialogflow.

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DailyGAG™ is a WhatsApp magazine which provides high quality and concise content like News, Memes, Jokes and Quotes in your WhatsApp. Simple and Reliable source for all your fun and news needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions 🥴

What is DailyGAG™ exactly?

Good question. Well, DailyGAG™ is free subscription based e-magazine which can be accessed on WhatsApp. Still confused? Drop us a text in the bottom right chat bubble.

Is DailyGAG™ free?

Yes absolutely, DailyGAG™ is totally free and will always be till the eternity. Awesome stuff is not always paid.

What kind of content can be accessed on DailyGAG™?

Right now DailyGAG™ has few categories which users can subscribe to, like everyday news, funny memes, motivational quotes etc. Each post on DailyGAG™ is moderated before it is posted to users.

Is there a stand alone app for DailyGAG™?

No, DailyGAG™ is a WhatsApp based magazine service only and there is a reason for that. We believe there is no point of adding more app to your phone's app deck.

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DailyGAG™ is a WhatsApp subscription so it can be accessed anywhere WhatsApp runs.

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